Guest Villains

Finally available once more on limited 7" - two garage punk classics from Washington DC's The Reekers. "I Can't Believe" is a pounding mid sixties stomper originally released under the name The Omegas, while the flipside is a savage instrumental of the highest calibre. For a while The Reekers were one of the hottest bands in DC - even keeping The Beatles off the number one spot. The 7" is released by Mo-Shee Records and can be found on both sides of the atlantic with a quick google search.
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Guest Villains

Fresh out of Finland comes a brand new tittyshaker of the highest calibre sleaze - check out this exclusive interview with Guest Villains and hear a preview of their debut 45.
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The Reekers

Tittyshakers proudly present an interview with Tom Guernsey, songwriter and guitarist of The Reekers and Garage Punk legends The Hangmen.
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Tittyshakers is the home of the sleazy sound; grindin' and shakin' 45rpm records from the 1950's through to the mid 1960s. A generation of lost sounds, overlooked and undervalued. Over the years some of these 45's found homes in established music circles such as the Rockabilly, Mod or Soul scenes, many onto landmark compilations such as the 'Las Vegas Grind' series. Others were forgotten and passed over into the void that is the unknown or the undiscovered gem. It is these obscure and lesser known sounds that I seek out and present to you here.

So what about that name?
The term tittyshakers was first used by writer and DJ - Daddy Bones (Mark Allbones of Big Daddy Magazine) sometime during the late 1990's. This website was created in 2007 by Tom Lawrie, picking up from his original "Mommy What's a Tittyshaker?" article, first published on soulgeneration in 2003.

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